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Tim: “We Understand The Division"

1 September 2020

New Manager Tim Flowers spoke of his desire to instil a positive atmosphere around the Football Club following his appointment on Friday.

“My job in a very short timeframe is to do exactly that,” he said.

Speaking of his experiences at former club Solihull Moors, Tim described how the expectations surrounding a Football Club can impact the perceptions of the teams’ successes.

“We did it at Solihull, obviously the key that year when we went in was to stay up.

“They key element was that we stayed up, things turned, we became dogged, resolute, hardworking and scraped together enough points to get over the line.

“We learn by the mistakes of the past, at Solihull we had a five year plan to try and get in the EFL slowly and what killed us a little bit was going from what we had to finishing second the next season.

“It took a monumental effort to go from the place we were in to achieve that and probably then, as is always the case, expectations go through the roof.”

With the National League being such a competitive division, the new Manager outlined how other clubs will be viewing the upcoming campaign to lend perspective to the challenges ahead.

“Knowing the National League like I do there will be fifteen or sixteen chairmen sitting in their offices expecting to finish in the playoffs next season – that is what you are up against.

“We understand the division, so to answer your question yes – there is hope.

“This is Macclesfield Town Football Club, it is a good Football Club, a community Football Club.

“I want to involve the supporters, meet the supporters and be around the supporters and hope that they recognise the situation we are in and come out and back us.

“We will move heaven and earth to give you something to cling onto and cheer.”

Speaking on is management style, Tim insists he is not one to cling to excuses and will look to be transparent when discussing his side this season.

“We have to be realistic, there is no doubt about that.

“We have already had a lot of conversations with different agents and different players.

“I am a transparent bloke; I am not going to stand there after a game and give you all the ‘we played well and…’ I am going to tell you as it is.

“We have been transparent with the people we have been trying to get in, listen, you are not coming here to earn life changing money, but we have identified you as someone we would like to come in and work with us and build something around.

“We have had a lot of positive feedback and vibes coming from different people who want to come and it is just a case of getting the calculator out and trying to make it work within the parameters I have got.

“That is going to be the defining thing, can I get lads in on the money and get them over the line.”

As far as the Clubs’ position so far as getting new players in is concerned, Tim admits he has already held positive discussions with various players with a view to joining the Silkmen for the upcoming campaign.

In the next week I need to get a number of men in the building and get them gelled, get some spirit about them.

“Tell them what I am about, my expectations and how we are going to go about our business so that is my first job and I have got a few meetings after we have finished to that effect.

“We are going to try and get some people over the line and feed, hopefully, a little bit more positive news out to the supporters to say we have got him and him who want to come, pull the Town shirt on, roll their sleeves up and give their best.


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