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Patrick Birch: "Tim Can Help Take Us Forward"

2 September 2020

Following on from the appointment of new First Team Manager Tim Flowers last week, we caught up with Patrick Birch for his initial thoughts on the appointment as part of our latest monthly update.

Patrick also provided an update as to our training facilities, following the conclusion of a deal with Alsager Sports Hub.

“I have been keeping extremely busy!” he said.

“All the challenges that everyone knows about at Macclesfield Town and also all the challenges everyone has got with COVID in the wider football community means there is a ruck of work for us to do; but I am working my way through it and I am enjoying it.”

Speaking for the first time since the appointment of Tim Flowers as First Team Manager, Patrick admitted he has been impressed with what he has seen so far from the new coaching team.

“I am really impressed. I am really pleased to see the reaction from fans as well and that they were impressed too.

“The things that impressed me were that firstly, he is not fazed by the situation.

“We have told him exactly how it is, where the club is at this moment in time, the budget he is going to have for players - and he can see a way through it.

“He is sitting out there as we speak recruiting players. He has got experience at this level working at Solihull, and what a record he has got there, and that is what he is drawing on and all the experience around that.

“He doesn’t talk about the Premiership career and playing for England, not that it is directly relevant here, but it means a lot to the fans.

“He is going to be a strong appointment and he can help take us forward.”

Speaking of the challenges facing the Football Club at the present time, Patrick empathised with the Silkmen faithful’s frustrations whilst also shedding light on our immediate focus as a Club.

“The things that have been a challenge around this Club have been challenges not for weeks or months, they have been challenges for some years.

“People will be encouraged by some of the progress of late, like recruiting Tim Flowers, but will still have big questions hanging over the future of the Club; and some people are going to struggle until they see that clarity about how we are going to take things forward – I understand that.

“I think what we have to do is do what we can in the immediate turn to get ourselves geared up for next season.

“We are a great club with a great history.

“We want to reconnect with that, it is time to do that, and we know what we need to do now to get ourselves back on the pitch - that is our focus at the moment.”

Part of the preparations for the new campaign have included finding a training base to provide the players coming into the club with the best possible facilities.

After finalising a deal with Alsager Sports Hub, our newly assembled coaching team are now in a position to start training as soon as new players arrive at the Club.

“We have and it is at Alsager. It is a really good training facility. Tim Flowers came over and saw it on Thursday with Gary Whild, Danny Whitaker has already seen it, and they are very pleased with it.

“We have got two full size grass pitches, three 9x9, a really good 4G pitch. Good facilities in terms of changing facilities, meeting rooms and all that sort of thing.

“We have got a really good facility and we have got it at a really good price. We have got a provider there in the Alsager Sports Hub who are really pleased to have us there.

“We are using it in the mornings when it wasn’t really being fully utilised. They have been really flexible, and as Tim said at the time, we can really use this asset.

“It is good that it is next to Junction 16 on the motorway as we will be having players, no doubt from the Midlands as well as from the north, so it is quite easily accessible.

“So hopefully it as a really good deal at a good price, and we are going to need loads of similar good deals if we are going to progress in the way that we want to and move forward.

Patrick insists it was essential to ensure we provided the players and coaches with the best possible facilities for the upcoming campaign.

“It is absolutely essential.

“It is critical that they have got somewhere of quality where they can go and get the relevant training and do all the things they need to do between those games.

“That facility has got all that and will help us attract good players as well. When they see that it will be one of the good reasons for coming to Macc Town.


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