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Tim: "There Is No Substitute For Games"

13 September 2020

Macclesfield Town manager Tim Flowers caught up with Silkmen TV earlier this week to discuss our preparations and ahead of Tuesday's game at Witton Albion, he was keen to emphasise the importance of utilising friendly matches to assess new players and trialists alike.

With seven players now signed, Tim is keen to evaluate his new players and add to the group; and sees the upcoming friendlies as an ideal means by which to do so.

“There is no substitute for games, certainly no substitute for assessing players in games.

“I have seen some of the greatest trainers in the world midweek and come Saturday they are like scotch mist.

“I would rather have someone who is perhaps not quite so good during the week but is brilliant on a Saturday.

“We have had a lot of trialists in, as you would expect, so we need to run a rule over all of those so the more games the better as far as we are concerned.”

The Manager is keen to see how his players react to game scenarios and is keen to organise as much playing time as possible for his squad ahead of the new campaign.

“We have an inhouse game, Witton on Tuesday, another on Thursday which is being organised and then another at Telford at the end of the month.

“If we need one and we can organise one in time, we may well fit another one in midweek at some stage, if not we may still have the bodies around for another inhouse yet.

“We need to watch lads in game situations and see how they react in certain scenarios.

“It is friendlies, it is what it is, but there is no substitute for that so absolutely looking forward to that.”

Tim is also hoping to start implanting his footballing identity onto his new players as soon as possible and is looking to meet the team as a group as early as next week.

“Perhaps on Monday we can start looking at some football principles, what I am looking for, so far it has been football fitness and fitness more than anything else.

“So we have not really had a chance to have a chat with the group as such, but I think in the early part of next week I will sit them down and tell them what I am expecting and what I am looking for from my team; how I expect us to hurt people, and really then the process is underway to get more technical as well as the physical side of it.

“We are still very much playing catch up with the physical side, so that is going to be ongoing; but it is late in the day now and I need to start getting one or two principles embedded in.

“As from next week they expect to start looking at a bit of shape, some patterns if you like; what I am looking for offensively and defensively and then start introducing restarts and set plays and look at a few things."


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