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Tim: "We Are Moving In The Right Direction"

11 September 2020

In what remains a busy time at the Club, Silkmen TV caught up with Manager Tim Flowers for the latest on the progress being made on the recruitment front.

With six players signed up so far, Tim provided insight as to the reality of signing players in a relatively short time frame.

“Since we last spoke, my first day at the Moss Rose feels like a month ago - but it has only been a couple of weeks.

“Basically, I have had a phone tattooed to my right ear for the last two weeks trying to get to get deals done and players over the line.

“I have had every agent in Britain contact me with players.

“We have managed to get half a dozen boys contracted, I have a lot of plates spinning in the air as we speak, some that the supporters have definitely heard of and will know, others are probably younger ones with potential.

“There is a long way to go for us to get a squad together for the start of the new season, but we are moving in the right direction.”

With so many players currently available, Tim spoke of how he has been going about determining the type of players he wants with the aim of creating a blend of youth and experience.

“It gets easier in terms of which positions you need – it becomes blindingly obvious what you need and require.

“If you have got yourself three or four midfield players centrally with no centre backs or strikers then you know what you have got to target.

“I am still looking across the board really, we have got some younger ones for the future with definite potential that we have identified – some of which I myself identified a year or so ago at Solihull.

“We have got a few of them under the roof, but also I am wary that you need to bring in lads with hardened experience; boys that have been there, done it and worn the t-shirt types.”

With kick-off fast approaching, Tim also admitted that some players he has identified take time in making their final decisions - which can make for a frustrating process.

“I have got a few of those that I am talking to that we are in negotiations with, but it is playing a waiting game really.

“As I said to the supporters in my first chat, we are moving heaven and earth to try and get a team together for the start of the season that is competitive and a team that we can then mould and try to get into a cohesive unit that can sustain a real push.

“You are playing a game really, because if what you are hoping lands in doesn’t land, then you are unemployed.

“That is how football rolls these days, there are a lot of lads coming into the beginning of the season now that are still unemployed.

“There are mouths to feed and a lot of them have got bills and mortgages and houses; they have to go on like they are a normal working guy.

“They have to have it in the back of their minds that they need some income, so there comes a line where you need to make a decision as a player.”

Whilst the recruitment process is usually undertaken during the summer, Tim conceded that the unique situation the Club finds itself in has made for a challenging couple of weeks -

“Obviously with the way the cards have been dealt here, we are very last minute, so as I said, a lot of this should have been done months ago but we are now really playing catchup.

“We have moved heaven and earth to get these bodies in and plates spinning with the ongoing negotiations – it has been really hard work.

“For the next period of time, the next two or three weeks, it is going to be more of the same.”

Despite the pressures of the limited timeframe Tim has been working to, he has been cautious to ensure he is getting the right deals for the Football Club with the right players.

“That is one of the key factors, it is easy to jump on a limited budget; if I had blew that in the first couple of weeks because I am flapping about panicking that I need to get sixteen bodies together then all of a sudden you find yourself way short at kick off time.

“Due diligence is the correct word; we have had to go in depth into players; make phone calls as to their character and what they bring to the table as people and human beings.

“Obviously, we also have to look at the technical side of things, what do they bring to the party?

“We are long enough in the tooth to have done all of that, some of the lads have begun to drop in but that’s the frustrating thing.

“Obviously I want it done yesterday so I can move on and put my head on the pillow at night thinking brilliant, I have got a really solid fourteen there, all I need is another three or four to supplement them.

"We are not quite at that stage yet, but we are working hard.”

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