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My Greatest Silkmen XI: Bob Trafford

14 May 2020

Throughout the years, Macclesfield Town have been blessed with an array of phenomenal players and we are now asking you to name your greatest-ever Silkmen side.

In the next instalment, Bob Trafford picks his best XI -


I may be a little bit biased with this one as Alan became my childhood hero after he proved to be the first Macc player to give me their autograph back in 1988!

He was a great 'keeper for us though and had incredible reflexes which mesmerised us all during the late eighties and early nineties.

Alan was a true fans favourite and gets my nod in between the posts.



The over-riding memory that I have of George is his unbelievable energy and his ability to storm down the wing to help support our offensive play.

He was a player who gave his all each and every week and and wore the shirt with an immense amount of pride.

Defensively solid, not many people got the better of the Nigerian international and he saved the day on more than one occasion during his five years at the Moss Rose.


George was consistency and professionalism personified wasn't he?

An incredibly reliable defender who made his role look effortless. George had magnificent positional sense and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

He left the club as a champion and that was the perfect end to a remarkable five year spell.


Quite simply our greatest-ever captain and certainly the most decorated. Neil lead the line during the most successful period in our history during the latter part of the 1990's and he did so in majestic fashion.

A strong and commanding centre-half, Neil was nicknamed "The Kaiser" and this was largely as a result of his no-nonsense play at the back and also his surging offensive runs which captivated the Silkmen faithful.

Neil was also a threat in the opposition penalty area too and scored some crucial goals for us in his memorable six year stint at the Moss Rose.



There is no doubt that Danny remains one of the most feared defenders to have ever graced the Moss Rose pitch.

Deceptively quick, Danny based his game around muscle and tenacity. He achieved this to devastating effect and this adhered him to the Silkmen faithful who would cheer his name after every shoulder-barge!

Danny enjoyed a four year spell at the club during the early noughties and I was constantly in awe of the man!


When I first started watching Macc in the mid-1980's, the school playgrounds were filled with young boys who wanted to be John Askey.

Back at that time, John was mainly employed out on the wing and his devastating pace used to have me transfixed every week.

When John was in your side, you knew that we were going to create chances and really take the game to the opposition. He would unquestionably be one of the first names in my team.


Another iconic figure of the McIlroy-era, Steve never gave up no matter how much the odds may have been stacked against him.

By his own admission, Steve was not the most technically gifted player in the world - but he had incredible heart and that rendered him a world-beater in my eyes.

Steve was also an incredible character around the club. I remember sitting my GCSE exams back in 1997 and before each exam I would play the video of his last minute winner against Stevenage over and over again.

I didn't do too bad either, so thanks Woody!



From his first game to his last, Danny gave us all he had and there was never any doubt that he would make my greatest Silkmen side.

The amount of energy he had was unbelievable and you could always count on Danny for moments of magic when we really needed them.

In addition to this, the amount of respect that he commanded from his other team-mates meant that his influence could be seen all over the pitch.


Quite possibly the most technically gifted player to have graced the Moss Rose in my opinion.

Chris' arrival back in 1997 catalysed our assault on the Vauxhall Conference title and his exemplary hat-trick at Kettering Town on the last day of the season is something which will live with us all forevermore.

He had a superb turn of pace and once in full flow, nobody could really get near him.


Jon had a habit of being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time and as such, his goalscoring record speaks for itself.

Jon was another player who visibly gave his all for the team and despite not being the most mobile player, he was deceptively quick when it mattered.

"The Beast" also had a vibrant presence around the whole club and I have always looked up to him - probably because he made being fat fashionable!


The greatest Macclesfield Town player ever in my opinion. Steve could create goals out of nothing and regularly unleashed the spectacular in front of his adoring fans.

Steve's iconic status will always be a massive part of our club and rightly so, due to the service he gave us and the sheer volume of goals that he scored.

I remember crying my eyes out when Steve moved to Hednesford Town back in 1991 - it's only right that I complete my greatest Silkmen XI with his inclusion.


Do you agree with Bob's choices? Why not submit your all-time greatest Silkmen side by emailing and we will feature yours on our site.

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