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My Favourite Silkmen Memory: Cathryn Eifflaender

15 June 2020

Recently, we asked all our loyal fans to get in touch with us and let us know what their favourite memories involving The Silkmen are. In the next instalment of fan recollections, Cathryn Eifflaender takes us back to 1970 as Frank Beaumont's illustrious side lifted the inaugural FA Trophy at Wembley Stadium.

I was just 8 years old back in 1970 and it was all very exciting!

On the day i travelled with my Mum, Dad , Grandad & Uncle on a train that was laid on especially for the match. 

Everyone was dressed in their best clothes, wearing Macc Town scarves and my mum had bought me a new blue and white outfit. 

We set off very early - mum had made sandwiches and the men had got a crate of beer for the journey. 

The atmosphere was electric and all the passengers were happy and good-natured throughout. 

As we got to the outskirts of London, the train slowed and we passed some children sitting on a fence at the side of the track. They were waving blue and white scarves - most people on the train pushed the windows down and threw coins to them. 

My Dad reckoned that they probably waved white flags when the Telford train went past and they made a fortune!

On arrival in London I do remember that it was a long walk to the stadium, but I will never forget the sight of the Twin Towers of Wembley as they came into view.

Being so small, once the match had started everyone stood up and even though I was stood on my seat, I could see very little of the match and drove my dad barmy asking him what was happening. 

On the row behind us, directly behind mum was a man with a trumpet and each time Macc got near the goal he gave it a good blast. At half-time she told him where she would shove it if he didn't pack it in! 

He apologised and used it less often until the final whistle went and then he let rip, mum didn't seem to mind then.

The journey back is a complete blur, as I think that I slept all the way home. But I do remember going to see the team in the town centre when they brought the trophy home. 

It made me feel very proud to come from Macclesfield and I still am.

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