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Tuesday Teasers

21 July 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have used our Tuesday Teasers feature to take a look back at the 2019/20 campaign.

This week, we delve a little deeper into the past twelve months as we select ten fixtures and ask you to name the missing player from the starting eleven.

Some are relatively straight-forward, whilst others are much more tricky - so we will be really impressed if you manage to get all ten correct answers!

Here are the line-ups, with the answers to be revealed this coming Friday.

Good luck!

Q1. Exeter City (A) 3rd August 2019: Evans, Archibald, Welch-Hayes, Kelleher, XXXXX, Clarke, Osadebe, McCourt, Harris; Stephens, Ironside.

Q2. Blackpool (A) Carabao Cup R1. 13th August 2019: Evans, Horsfall, O'Keeffe, Kelleher, Vassell, Clarke, Osadebe, Harris, XXXXX, Stephens, Blyth.

Q3. Newcastle United U21s (H) Leasing.Com Trophy Group Stage. 3rd September 2019: Charles-Cook; O'Keeffe, Horsfall, Cameron, Fitzpatrick, Kirby, Gnahoua, XXXXX, Clarke, Gomis, Blyth.

Q4. Newport County (H) 13th September 2019: Evans, Welch-Hayes, Kelleher, Vassell, Archibald, Kirby, Harris, O'Keeffe, Osadebe, Gnahoua, XXXXX.

Q5. Port Vale (H) Leasing.Com Trophy Group Stage. 24th September 2019: Charles-Cook, Clarke, Ironside, Stephens, Horsfall, O'Keeffe, Blyth, XXXXX, Fitzpatrick, Rose, Cameron.

Q6. Kingstonian (H) Emirates FA Cup R1. 10th November 2019: Evans, XXXXX, Seymour, Mealing, Osipitan, Holland, Kirby, O'Keeffe, Clarke, James, Gomis.

Q7. Mansfield Town (H) 16th November 2019: Evans, Welch-Hayes, Kelleher, XXXXX, Vassell, Fitzpatrick; Archibald, Harris, Kirby, Gnahoua, Stephens.

Q8. Oldham Athletic (H) 11th January 2020: XXXXX,  Welch-Hayes, Kelleher, Horsfall, Fitzpatrick; O'Keeffe, McCourt, Harris, Kirby,  Ironside, Gnahoua.

Q9. Crewe Alexandra (H) 21st January 2020: Mitchell, O'Keeffe, Kelleher, Horsfall, Fitzpatrick, Archibald, McCourt, XXXXX, Kirby, Ironside, Gnahoua.

Q10. Leyton Orient (A) 8th February 2020: Mitchell, O'Keeffe, Horsfall, Kelleher, Fitzpatrick, Kirby, Whitehead, XXXXX, Tracey, Ironside, Gnahoua.

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