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Kelleher: "We Just Try To Do Our Best And Demand That Everyone Gives Their All "

6 January 2020

Look up the word warrior and the definition that you will be presented with will barely be adequate to describe our humble skipper.

Every part of his 6ft 3" frame oozes pride, defiance and an infectious belief against all the odds.

This is even more remarkable considering the fact that the Irishman remains just twenty-three years of age - a fact that many overlook as a result of his authoritative presence both on and off the field of play.

After laying his body on the line throughout our inspiring victory over Cambridge United on Saturday, Fiacre was more than happy to provide us with his post-match thoughts -

"I thought that we were brilliant in the first half. We passed the ball around really well and created a few chances.

"The crosses that we were getting in from wide areas were a lot better and we managed to get a goal from a free-kick.

"In the second half, we showed our ruthless side - where we dug-in, stuck at it and yeah, we were brilliant."

It would be a virtually impossible task to find anyone who was present at the Moss Rose to disagree with Fiacre's assessment.

When our back's were truly against the wall, the lads united together and rebelled against the odds in a manner which exemplified just how special this group of players really are.

So much so that when asked whether the margin of our victory could have been greater, Fiacre had absolutely no hesitation with his response -

"Definitely, yeah!

"It's kind of been us over the last few games, in terms of not taking our chances.

"Today it could have cost us again really, but luckily we managed to keep a clean sheet this time."

It is a true measure of the Cork-born defender's humility that he should attribute our clean sheet down to luck, when in reality it was just-reward for another incredible feat of physical and mental strength.

Yet this sums Fiacre up to a tee and begins to explain why he is universally liked and respected throughout the club. Underneath that combatant and battle-hardened exterior is a true gentleman whose influence amongst fellow players and colleagues is one which should never be underestimated nor taken for granted.

Saturday's victory meant that The Silkmen have now taken four Sky Bet League Two points from the opening two contests of 2020 and this is something which the skipper is more than satisfied with -

"You can't really argue with that - especially with Port Vale away being such difficult game under the circumstances.

"Today again, I thought that the boys did really well. They put everything to one side and just got on with the game - so I really can't fault them."

The notion that one's true character can only really be seen in adversity is one which was particularly apt throughout Saturday's emotional crusade against Cambridge.

After a week which saw the departure of Head Coach Daryl McMahon and Assistant Head Coach Steve Gritt, Fiacre paid tribute to the mental resilience of this incredible team when asked how much it played a part in the win -


"I think that every time we come onto the pitch, there is a new issue that we have to deal with - but we just have to keep going.

"We lost Daryl obviously, who was great to us and we had a great relationship with him.

"When you go through so much with somebody, you build up a relationship and we were sad to see him go.

"But we just have to carry on and do our best for the club now."

The skipper's commitment to the cause is beyond question and the same can be said throughout the dressing room, as the whole squad continues to perform beyond their years.

Marshalled by their trusted leader, we have seen boys who were strangers just weeks ago turn into brothers and into men right before our very eyes.

This unity and togetherness is something which Fiacre was keen to accentuate -

"Honestly, the club is lucky to have this group of players.

"Every one of them has a tremendous attitude to just stick in there - which is all that we can do at the moment.

"When we come out onto the pitch, we just try to do our best and demand that everyone gives their all - which is exactly what we have been doing."

The heroics on the pitch have unquestionably been mirrored amongst the Silkmen faithful over recent weeks and this is something which hasn't been lost with any of us - not least our matchday leader.

Often you will hear players employing cliche after cliche in recognition of the support that they receive. Yet nothing could be further from the truth when Fiacre speaks, as it is clear that the words are from the heart -

"The fans were brilliant.

"They come out each week and have been so good to us.

"I know that personally I have received messages from fans saying hang in there - so yeah, they really have been good to us.

"I really can't fault them, they have been brilliant."

Fiacre has developed into a phenomenal defender, true leader and impassioned warrior - yet has retained the incredible humility which adheres him to everyone.

He is truly one of us and is worth his weight in gold - as just like last year, this means everything.

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