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A Message From The Club Chaplain

6 April 2020

Club Chaplain Chris Whiteley writes to the Silkmen fans........

So, how are you coping with “lockdown”?

At first it’s like you’ve been given an extended holiday, but after a while it seems more like solitary confinement.

I live on my own so I haven’t spoken face to face with anyone for a while. How do you have those important football conversations when you can’t meet your friends?

It must be even more difficult if you have to work from home and home school your children at the same time. My family and I have set up Zoom conference meetings so we can at least see each other once a week.

The Church I attend - Life Church Wilmslow, along with many others is live streaming a service each Sunday on Facebook. But however good the online stuff is these days, it’s not like being in the room with friends and family.

These are the sacrifices we have to make to combat the Covid 19 virus and make sure that the NHS is not overwhelmed.

In the middle of all this are the dedicated staff who make sure that Macc Town keeps on running.

The office staff working from home, the ground staff who have to keep the pitch perfect, the players and management who are probably back with their families all over the country and must do their best to keep up their fitness levels in the event that the season restarts at some point - as well as all the volunteers and fans who make up the Macc Town family, but can’t express their support in any meaningful way at the moment.

There must be those among us who have just need to talk to someone but maybe don’t know who to contact. That’s why the club has instigated the Community Call Service.

An e-mail to will enable you or whoever you nominate to receive a call from the club and facilitate those kind of conversations that just might make a difference.

We can all help one another and if any of you feel that you’d like someone to pray with / for you, or anyone you know who is affected by this pandemic, then ask for that when you send in your e-mail to the Community Call Service. Those requests will make their way to me and I will pray.

The other day whilst I was out getting my exercise, I saw a guy wearing a Macc Town hat. He was walking his dog and we got into a conversation about the club. It was strange, we were standing at least 2 metres apart and almost shouting at each other. The chat lasted for about fifteen minutes and I certainly felt better after it.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as that, yet it really turns your day around.

Let’s keep the community of Macc Town alive and vibrant during these trying times, supporting one another as well as our Club.


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