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Community Call Service Update

3 April 2020

Last Wednesday we unveiled a new scheme through our Community Sports Trust, whereby those who are struggling with the limitations of social distancing can receive a call to make sure that they are well and break up the monotony that most of us are experiencing at present.

A number of people have reached out to us over the past forty-eight hours and throughout the day, we have been making sure that they all received a call.

We have spoken to people across the generations and as well as checking on their overall wellbeing, we have been genuinely moved by some of their stories of watching Macclesfield Town over the years.

It really has hammered home the role that our fans have in making us who we are.

We have spoken to some fans that have taken us right back through our history, with many of them still aggrieved at that FA Cup defeat at Fulham in 1968 (we are too!).

We have talked about some great occasions, great games and unforgettable memories.

But what has really inspired us is the fact that everyone has their own unique story to tell and only collectively does that tells our story as a whole.

It was truly humbling.

Our Community Call Service is open to anyone who is struggling with the impact of social distancing for whatever reason.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective and if we can help just one person get through these unprecedented times then we will do.
Whether it's to reminisce about days gone by, to talk about football in general or to talk about anything which may be playing on your mind.
Essentially, it is an invitation to do what we do best and that is to stand together, supporting each other and our community when times are hard.

Clearly the number of people who will take this up is still a little bit unpredictable and as such, we will initially prioritise those who are vulnerable and season ticket holders first.
That said, we will endeavour to respond to all requests as quickly as we possibly can - but certainly within 48 hours.
If you know someone who would benefit from this, then please do email us at and we will do our absolute best to facilitate this.
Because when you can't do what you do, you do what you can.

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