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Silkmen Fans Focus: Richard Pattrick

30 June 2019

We continue our fans focus by featuring the man behind the microphone - our wonderfully dedicated iFollow commentator Richard Pattrick.

I moved to Buxton back in the early 1990's due to work commitments which demanded relocation. Macclesfield Town were the nearest "big" club to me and as such, it wasn't long before I decided to take my sons Callum and Alastair down to the Moss Rose to get our football fix.

It became the start of what has developed into a lasting relationship with The Silkmen for all three of us and one which is cherished by us all.

As my ventures over to Macc became more regular, I quickly succumbed to a deep affinity for the club and it wasn't long before I took the plunge and cemented my newly found allegiance by investing in a season ticket.

The last twenty years have unquestionably been an emotional rollercoaster on so many levels. There have been some wonderful days here at the Moss Rose over the recent past - far too many to document them all here!

If I was to pick one standout memory, then it would be the FA Cup Third Round tie with Cardiff City back in 2013. In many ways, that contest summed up what Macclesfield Town is all about - as there we were up against the mighty Welshmen, with nobody really giving us any chance of progressing.

This was exemplified by the fact that we were a goal down going into the closing exchanges, yet two emphatic strikes by Matthew Barnes-Homer made us all realise that the Moss Rose is a place where dreams really can come true.

Talking of which, the miracle of our National League title-winning season will be something which none of us will ever forget. As the season progressed, we gathered momentum and wrote a stunning climax which really did prove to be inspirational to us all.

The glory days ultimately make the darker ones seem more worthwhile - but that is what supporting any club is all about.

I have seen many great players strut their stuff on the hallowed Moss Rose pitch over the years - not least Danny Whitaker's two stints which have etched him firmly into all our hearts and minds for so many reasons.

Maybe it is easier to focus on more recent players when assessing who my all-time favourite would be, but I have to say that George Pilkington is definitely right up there.

George's positional sense and organisation skills were just fantastic. You would regularly see long balls launched at our defence and George would invariably be there to clear the danger whilst remaining as cool as a cucumber!

Over the years I have made a whole network of friends here at Macclesfield Town - many of whom have been gained on our travels, where the same merry band of fans can be seen at random locations all over the country. They are a hardy bunch and regularly out-sing the home side - despite being massively outnumbered on most occasions!

In actual fact, I remember earlier on this season when we travelled down to Exeter for a Tuesday night game and I could name every one of those in the away end - highlighting the tight-knit bunch that we truly are.

In terms of my involvement with the club in a volunteer capacity, around ten years ago George Williams was commentating on a home match with Aldershot Town when he asked for my help.

So I did a bit of summarising (largely so George could have a drink), and found that I really enjoyed it!

The rest they say is history, as all these years later I still thoroughly enjoy doing the away match commentary - especially as both my sons actively help me out with it and this in itself brings me an enormous amount of pleasure.

Macclesfield Town undoubtedly becomes part if your life as soon as you set foot in the Moss Rose for the first time. It helps to define who you are and also has the ability to inspire you in so many other areas of your life.

This is a special club, with special people at the heart of it - win, lose or draw, nobody will ever be able to take that away from us.

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