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Eastleigh: One Year On

21 April 2019

21st April 2018 is a date that no Silkmen fan will ever forget - the emotions which it elicits will always remain etched firmly in all our hearts forevermore - as this was the day that we wrote arguably the greatest football fairytale ever told.

One year on from that glorious day down at Eastleigh, the pictures from that historic trip still bring tears of pride to many of us - because it symbolised the fact that no matter what obstacles were put in our way, we never gave up on our wild dream of promotion to the Football League.

All through that defiant season we were written off, with commentators far and wide professing that we would fail in our quest to re-write the history books in the most emotional way possible.

As each game passed, our resolve to defy the staunchest of odds grew stronger and stronger though and ultimately, we proved everyone wrong due to an unwavering belief that we would overcome every single challenge together - united as one behind the blue and white clad heroes on the pitch.

The plethora of memories which will undoubtedly come to the forefront of our minds today will be inherently personal - you will remember where you were and what you did - but most importantly, you will remember how you felt when that final whistle went.

Your story is a valuable part of the wider narrative, in that all your individual anecdotes help us to tell our collective story. This is what we did. This is what we felt. This is what we achieved.

This season is part of that same story - despite the fact that it may be told a different way. We still write every page of it together, united with all those who reject the assertions of those same commentator who are still writing us off. 

There is no hiding away from the fact that this season has been tumultuous to say the least, however the cuts will heal and the scars will fade - but what we create in these last three games - that will never ever change.

Just like this time last year, we have been written off at almost each and every turn - but now we have a massive opportunity to prove everyone wrong yet again. 

How many people would have given us hope when we were nine points adrift at the bottom of this league? But here we are fighting for our lives and in the driving seat in terms of how our story will end.

Seasons pass and time will undoubtedly move on - but we never have to let that feeling at Eastleigh go. 

If "we" becomes "us" ahead of our remaining three battles, then the history books will be re-written yet again and the whole world will be shown that this club is one that will never give up - no matter what challenges are put in our way.


Because just like this time last year - this means everything.

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