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An Open Letter From Amar AlKadhi

5 April 2019

Ahead of two vital home games which could well define our season, I wanted to take the time to write to you all regarding some issues which have understandably elicited frustration amongst our very loyal players, staff and of course, fans.

First of all, I would like to clarify the situation regarding the London Road Terrace and the reasoning behind the decision that was made.

As you will be aware, the areas behind both dugouts have been closed and the remaining areas only opened to season ticket holders.

Let me explain why.

Across the county we have witnessed a growing trend in fans displaying anti-social behaviour at games and in some instances, this has resulted in horrific scenes where supporters have encroached on the pitch with the intention of harming the players on show.

Whilst I am not saying that this threat is imminent at Macclesfield Town, we need to be mindful of it as we do not want to risk the severe penalties that would be incurred if this were to take place.

Indeed, clubs received a letter from the Football Association just this week which stated that they deem abuse and threatening behaviour behind the technical area as being "of great concern" to them.

In addition to this, they went on to state -

"We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that The Football Association has the powers to take disciplinary action under FA Rule E20 for the behaviour of spectators and with this in mind, we would urge all clubs to ensure that all appropriate steps have been taken to ensure both the safety of the technical area occupants as well as preventing unnecessary abuse being allowed to go unchecked.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of people who occupy these areas are incredibly passionate fans who just want to get behind the team, over the past few weeks we have seen a growing number of complaints regarding anti-social behaviour by a minority.

Following on from this, you would be correct to ask that if this is the case, then why don't we have the stewards or police deal with it and eject any offenders?

There are two reasons why I don't believe that this is in the best interests of the Football Club.

Firstly, we do not have a giant stadium where the ejection of supporters would largely go unnoticed. If stewards or the police were tasked with removing individuals from these areas, then it would unquestionably generate an unsavoury incident involving numerous people right behind where our Manager and backroom staff sit.

Quite simply, I am not prepared to risk that.

Secondly, by employing a greater police presence to deal with these issues we would be subject to a hefty bill - I firmly believe that the funds needed for this can be put to better use within the club.

This is the rationale behind the decision and I hope that this brings some clarity to it. 

I extend my genuine apologies to all those fans who are impacted by this and hope that you understand why action had to be taken.

Moving on, I would like to cover the payment delay relating to player and staff wages this month.

This was regrettably as a result of several factors - the most prominent being the postponement of the Exeter City match earlier in the month.

This in itself clearly has a profound effect on a club of our size and I worked tirelessly to resolve the issue in the quickest time possible. We should have been prepared for such an occurrence, but we were not and that's ultimately my fault.

I would like to offer everyone impacted by this my sincere apologies and thank you all for your absolute professionalism, during what would unquestionably have been a trying time.

Although this was a far from ideal situation and one which I will do everything in my power to not see repeated, it did highlight one unwavering positive and that is the loyalty and dedication that our staff show at every level. 

They are a credit to Macclesfield Town and this is something which we all can be very proud of.

But enough from me, let's now focus on the crucial few days ahead and show that fighting spirit that we are renowned for during the two vital upcoming home games.

If we do, then I have no doubt that our EFL status will be confirmed come the start of May -which is what each and every one of us yearns for so deeply.

Amar AlKadhi.

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