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Sol: "It's Cup Finals All The Way Now"

10 December 2018

Sol Campbell took the positives from Saturday’s 1-0 defeat away at Colchester United, insisting that the team will continue to improve and that they have taken his methods on board.

The Silkmen had multiple chances to pull the game back level after falling behind, but despite not being able to take any, Sol was pleased with the effort and commitment shown by the players.

“We tried, we worked really hard and we had some good chances to pull the score back to 1-1.

“They’re riding high, a top side, for us it was a good performance in the sense that it gave me great belief that they guys have got more to come, we have just got to keep on believing, keep on working hard, keep on trying to do the right things.

“I think in the last third we have just got to get our front line in more when it comes to fluid play, but this team is riding high and we have still got a couple of guys on the floor, so that just shows you that we are going in the right direction, we are working.

“We’re making them think, the players are responding, so we have just got to keep working hard.”

Despite having only been in the job for less than two weeks, Sol maintained that he can see improvements already which sets a good precedent for the weeks ahead.

“It’s always hard to take, but I think for us it is how we responded. That’s what’s key to me. I felt that the guys put their heads down whereas a month ago it would have been a different story.

“That gives me great belief and great pride that the guys kept on going, kept on trying to do the right things but now we have got to look at the game a bit more and tweak a few things in our play and our approach, and that is key for us.

“I said to them we have got to keep on believing, keep on trying to do the right things, keep to our philosophy, try to play through the lines, work hard and try to get a situation where we can open them up, either through crosses or playing through the lines, that is what it is all about.

“That’s the thing I want to work on, just a couple more passes to release us and to give us a situation where we’re at their back four.”

Despite falling to defeat, the Manager was quick to point out just how hard the team made Colchester work for the victory; but insisted that every game will be crucial as we look to pull away from the relegation places.

“I think we gave Colchester a tough game, they had to think about it, we had a couple of crosses, a couple of headers, they came off really, really tired on the floor.

“So, for us that shows that we are going in the right direction, we are getting fitter, we are trying to do the right things.

“I’ve only been here 11 days with even less sessions so for me it’s been really good to see the guys respond to what we’re trying to do, our philosophy and to roll our sleeves up and keep going; it’s cup finals for us all the way.”

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