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Let's Do It For Etch

22 December 2018

Paul Etchells (aka Etch) provided seventeen years devoted service to Macclesfield Town Football Club in his role initially as a doorman but then as a kit man for twelve years, where his friendly, hard working and dependable approach made him a hugely popular figure with players, management and fans alike until his retirement at the end of the 2015/2016 season.

Over the past years, the health of Etch’s dearly loved wife, Mrs Etch has been blighted by fibromyalgia; a chronic condition that causes widespread musculoskeletal pain, marked fatigue, mood dysfunction and memory loss.

Several years ago she was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. This is a very serious complication of diabetes which means that there is nerve damage most commonly to the feet and legs (and sometimes hands and arms) and causes such signs and symptoms as numbness, tingling pain and lack of sensation and can cause infection, injuries, ulceration and even amputation.

In the case of Mrs Etch she has suffered significant impairment in feeling sensation in her lower limbs which has affected her mobility and she finds it extremely difficult to stand or walk.

As a consequence, the care needs of Mrs Etch have intensified with Etch and his daughter doing their very best to care for her, but really struggling due to the lack of resources that they have available to them.

During this afternoon's game against Port Vale, a number of volunteers will be sited around different parts of the Moss Rose with buckets in hand, collecting money that will be used to contribute towards a garage conversion that would include a wet room, electronic hoist and toilet. Such resources would have a massively beneficial effect on Mrs Etch’s quality of life and level of independence, and provide the help and support required to reduce the significant physical and emotional stress that the family are currently under.

Etch has given so much over the years in helping the Silkmen cause, and now it is time for the Silkmen faithful to give something back to Etch and his family, not only to reduce their pain and suffering, but to say thanks to a true gentleman for all his hard work over so many years.

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