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Let Battle Commence....

3 August 2018

Stood in the Star Lane End at the end of last season, the ground staff eagerly constructed the backdrop to our euphoric trophy presentation.

Whilst most people were awaiting the handing over of the National League trophy itself, I was transfixed by one board - that which displayed the word “Champions”.
I am not ashamed to say that as I stared at those eight letters, I had to hold back the tears because if I allowed one to fall then then the chances were that numerous others would follow in quick succession.
It was the realisation of a dream that in many ways we had no right to hold - yet that dream was based upon a fervent belief which united every single person associated with the club, in a way which rendered our ultimate success as inevitable.
Tomorrow we begin another journey - another battle, another dream.
Yet the more things change, the more things stay the same - we are living proof of that.
We are in a different environment - the promised land of the EFL has been reached, but the passion, commitment and fight which resides in us all remains as vibrant as ever.
Our new Management Team exemplify this notion perfectly.
In Mark Yates we have a true winner in every sense of the word.
The success which he enjoyed at Solihull last season, as he defied the odds to keep them in the National League speaks volumes for his character and conviction.
This undoubtedly qualified him as the perfect man to succeed John Askey and lead our EFL assault.
Then we have the iconic Assistant Managers - both of whom embody everything which is so special about our club.
Neil Howarth remains the most decorated captain in our illustrious history and led Sammy McIlroy’s blue and white clad heroes onto the Moss Rose pitch for the first time as a Football League club back in 1997.
If there is one man who knows what our League status means to every single one of us, it is Neil.
Then of course there is the living legend that is Danny Whitaker, who ascended to the role of Joint Assistant Manager over the summer.
Like so many of you, Danny has blue blood running through his veins and has gallantly ran through brick walls for the club on well over four hundred occasions.
The squad which the Management Team have assembled mirrors their own personal attributes - as well as those which have served the club so well over much of our illustrious history.
They are hungry, they are defiant and most of all, they share all our passion in wanting to see Macclesfield Town succeed against the odds once more.
Then there is you - our wonderfully loyal fans who have kept the faith throughout.
We are truly grateful for every single one of you and starting at Swindon tomorrow, we know that you will be our twelfth man on the terraces. Your support means so much to us, not least because we share your passion for the Football Club.
When we hear the fans proudly singing in support of the team, we realise that for many people these are not just chants - they are magnifications of the soul.
A new chapter in all our histories will open tomorrow and we will write each page stood side be side - players, management, staff and of course, each and every fan.
In doing so, we will transform the collective “we” into the unbreakable “us” once again.
The time for talking is over - let battle commence…….
Bob Trafford.

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