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Now you have your chance to throw your support behind your favourite player for the forthcoming campaign.

Just £200 for one player, or £300 for two.

Sponsoring one of our players is one of the most popular and affordable ways in which businesses and individuals take their support to the next level.

You will receive your player’s match-worn shirt at the end of the campaign, recognition within our online list of player sponsors and on the individual player’s squad page on our official site. Both of these will embody static links to your brand’s url in order to maximise traffic to your site.

In addition to this, your brand name will also appear in our matchday programme - which remains a popular feature of our matchday offering.

Finally, as a player sponsor you will be invited to an exclusive end-of-season gathering where you and your team are able to meet your chosen player.

This not only enables you to develop a rapport with your sponsored player, but to also gain great PR images for your brand.

For more information, or to sponsor a player of your choice, please call 01625 264686 or email


                                         Sponsors for the 2020/21 season


Player Home  Away
Lewis Wilson    
Rocco Fregapane    
Marvel Ekpiteta    
Wilson Carvalho    
Liam Nolan    
Chay Tilt    
Sam Walker    
Ben Stephens    
Jason Cowley    
Tim Flowers    
Gary Whild    
Danny Whitaker John and Jenny Saxon  



                                         Sponsors for the 2019/20 season


Player Home  Away
 1. Jonathan Mitchell    
 2. James Pearson Kevin Rickman  
 4. Jak McCourt Ged Coyne David Clark. Sydney, Australia.
 5. Fiacre Kelleher Rachel Flower Andy Thomas
 6. Harry Hamblin    
 7. Arthur Gnahoua    
 8. Ben Tollitt    
 9. Joe Ironside Jakob Ebrey Photography Andy Thomas
 10. Ben Stephens Jack Bill and Margaret Milligan
 11. Theo Archibald Archie Chesworth Tim Chesworth
 13. Reice Charles-Cook The Charlton's  
 14. Connor Kirby    
 15. Fraser Horsfall The Jeavons Family Recycling Solutions Northwest Ltd
 16. Corey O'Keeffe David Corbishley David Corbishley
 17. Adam Dawson    
 18. Jacob Blyth Chelsie Wilson  
 19. Danny Whitehead    
 20. Donovan Wilson    
 22. Shilow Tracey    
 23. David Fitzpatrick  Jon Mail Chrissie Thompson
 24. Michael Rose  Tall Peak Consulting  
 25. Nathan Cameron Sophia Job  
 26. Peter Vincenti    
Mark Kennedy    
Danny Butterfield    
Danny Whitaker John and Jenny Saxon